Back Pains

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for discomfort that people experience. The good news is for most, back pain usually resolves within a few weeks. Despite this silver lining, back pain is often one of the most difficult conditions to diagnose and treat. This is because as the support structure for our bodies, the spine is made up of a complicated series of bones, discs, muscles, nerves and ligaments.

Also known as disc degeneration, this is a common reason for low back and neck pain. Discogenic back pain is caused by “wear and tear” damage to a disc in the spine. The wear and tear is typically the result of normal aging. This does not mean, though, that a person with disc degeneration will forever have to deal with pain. Despite being a degenerative disease, Discogenic back pain may improve over time with simple treatment options.

Common Symptoms of Back Pain;

  • Severe back pain
  • Swelling, flushing, and tenderness in the back
  • Muscle spasms
  • Loss of sensation in the legs
  • Fever and Chill.