Dr. Krishnaveni


About the Doctor...

A Highly skilled homeopathic physician with 25yrs of experience and Knowledge about human anatomy, physiology, and various pathologies that may occur and well trained to handle all kinds of symptoms.

A true believer and practitioner of homeopathic medicine, a medical system based on the Law of Similars, simplex minimum doses, Drug dynamization, and individualization. Her Treatment is based on these theories and cures cases with genetic constitutional treatment.

A Physician with a 90% success rate in treating acute & chronic illnesses like Asthma, Allergies, Thyroid, Female & Children Disorders, Kidney Problems, Respiratory, and Gastric Complaints, Orthopedic Cases, Skin Complaints, Piles, Fistula and Anxiety, Stress, and Depression, etc…

A highly experienced physician who has lectured & shared her experiences across the industry, setting up monthly & weekly medical camps at public & corporate events.

A Good Homeopathic Physician needs a lot of patience and aims to treat patients with a “Low Minimum Dose” and work for the well-being of Mankind.